NIKUNI diaphragm pump is a product that can transport “difficult to handle liquids” at high pressure. The crankshaft of the pump rotates at a high speed, pushing multiple piston rods to reciprocate and drive the diaphragms to achieve the function of transporting liquids.

NIKUNI diaphragm pumps are suitable for conveying various "difficult to handle liquids", not only for conveying non-corrosive or corrosive liquids, but also for conveying abrasive liquids, viscous liquids, gas-containing liquids, slurry liquids, volatile liquids, flammable and explosive liquids, etc. that many other industrial pumps are unable to cope with.

NIKUNI diaphragm pumps can operate continuously for 24 hours a day, seven days a week with reliable performance and long service life even under harsh working conditions.


High pressure, high efficiency

The maximum output pressure can reach 7Mpa and the pump efficiency can reach 85%;

Low pulsation and low energy consumption

As multiple plungers drive the diaphragms to feed liquid, the high-frequency movement of the diaphragms makes the pulse of the output liquid smooth to a very low level.


This product has a certain quantification, and the pump flow can be precisely controlled by adjusting the motor speed.

Suction pressure resistance

This product can withstand 17Mpa suction pressure and is suitable for transporting easily vaporized liquids such as LPG.

Wide range of applications

The material of the pump head, valve assemblies and diaphragms are available in different materials to suite the needs of a variety of application purposes.


Slurries transmission: dyestuff, chemical fertilizer, washing powder, ceramic slurry, lime water, grinded slurry, etc.

Adhesives transmission: coatings, printing inks, thick oils, adhesive resin, chocolate, glue, etc.

Corrosives transmission: acids, alkaline, glycol, ammonia water, polymer, fuels and additives, detergents, strong corrosive liquids, etc.

Volatile liquids: liquefied gas, Freon, etc.

Reverse osmosis separation; RO membrane filters and the membrane separation plants of high-grade dyes, medicaments, potions, etc.

Sewage transmission: oil field high-pressure re-injection water, machine tool cutting coolant, etc.

Cleaning machines: car washers, high-pressure cleaners, spraying equipment, etc.

Chemical process equipment: multi-channel reactors, etc.