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Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

Industrial gases, especially condensable gases, flammable and explosive gases, corrosive and toxic gases cannot be transmitted without liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor.

NIKUNI is an expert in the field of liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors.

NIKUNI is not only engaged in the production of vacuum pumps and compressors. With many years of painstaking research and development, it has also accumulated rich experience in the analysis of application process requirements and the engineering technology of complete liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor packages. This enables us to provide customers with full-range reasonable and value-added solutions.


Liquid-ring vacuum pump

The maximum output of NIKUNI liquid-ring vacuum pump can reach 10000m3/h and the suction & discharge pressure of the integrated vacuum and compressor pakages covers 101Pa~0.5MPa (G). They are widely used in petroleum and chemical industries, power plant, coal mines, papermaking, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries and wood processing industry.

Liquid-ring Compressor

The maximum output of NIKUNI liquid-ring compressor reaches 6000m3/h,and maximum discharge pressure 5 kgf/cm2 G.
NIKUNI liquid-ring compressors features simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance and have been widely used in petrochemical industry for tail gas transmission and process gases recovery. They are especially suitable for compression and recovery of corrosive gases, toxic gases, flammable and explosive gases, easily deteriorated gases under high temperature and organic gases, such as transmission of flare gas and recovery of VCM.

With the professional technology and knowhow accumulated in nearly seventy year up to now, NIKUNI is capable of providing high quality and reliable vacuum pump and compressor packages or systems for various industries to satisfy your requirements.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Available Models


Suction pressure:100kPa~3.3kPaA
Suction capacity: ~10000M3/Hr  
Motor output: ~280kW


  • Single action, high efficiency
  • Mechanical seals for sophisticated applications
  • Adaptable to toxic, corrosive, flammable, explosive gases


  • Evacuation of gases and vapors
  • Priming for big pumps
  • Transportation of powders
  • Vacuum filtration of wet pulp, etc.
  • Vacuum evaporation and condensation of milky products & medical solutions

Liquid Ring Vacuum Compressor
Available Models


Compression pressure:~8kgf/cm2G
Compression capacity: ~ 6900 M3/Hr  

Motor output: ~550kW


  • Single action, high efficiency
  • Versatile choices of sealing liquid
  • Optional mechanical seals for sophisticated applications


  • Compression of gases and vapors
  • Process gas recovery & compression in chemical industry
  • Feeding, recovery and compression of explosive, inflammable, toxic gases in petrochemical industry



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